Here to style you for success

How It Started?

Working in the food industry has been the first job that I was able to get. Personally, I am very short and the uniform never really fit me right. I would always have to fold my three times in order for it not to go below my knees, which is very frustrating. I began to tailor my aprons so they fit me in a way that. Allowed me to work more efficiently, and make me feel good about myself too. Wearing oversize clothes has never been my and it doesn’t make me feel good. I want to dress up for myself so that I can change the way treat my day.


Our goal is to provide a uniform that makes you feel good about going to work. Having an option that fits you perfectly to make you feel good. In addition to flattering all body types no matter the style. By giving you the option to dress professionally, but also being able to be comfortable and doing everyday tasks at work. Having high-quality comfortable clothes is what is important throughout a long shift.

Style Variations

As of right now, we carry traditional white button-ups, waist aprons, and traditional aprons. We hope to soon expand our line since we have projects in the works. With the current line, we do have a variety of colors and sizes to fit everyone. Everything is made ethically and sustainably here in the United States. The prices of the products are affordable for the high-quality materials.

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