We are here to bring comfortably fitted uniforms in a unique style that tailors you. When it comes to working in the service industry, work attire is sometimes not meant for everyone. Sizing and fit can be outdated, and it doesn’t allow employees to look their best selves. What someone is wearing can truly change how they carry themselves. We believe that not only high corporate jobs should be the ones to look good.

Here at Apron Up!, we believe that we can make a change in the industry for the better. Our goal is to be more size-inclusive and sell more friendly fitting options for customer service workers. Clothing that falls in with protocol makes people more comfortable in their day-to-day jobs. With jobs like these, we want to create high-quality products to last you forever and won’t wear down after a single wash. Being made sustainably and ethically of course.

By providing this resource we hope to bring in people of all body types and to make them feel amazing. Changing the hemming or tailoring different areas to frame the body to your liking. Wearing an extra long apron or when the ties are not long enough can be discouraging and we want to prevent that feeling again. All of this is for an affordable price and can be sold separately or in bulk for you and your team.

*For educational purposes only*