Why Us?

Here at Apron up! We believe that everyone should feel good at work no matter what position you’re in. Traditionally higher office jobs are the only ones typically expected to dress up and nice while people in the back just gets standard unflattering uniforms. No matter where you are working everyone deserves to feel good and we want to provide that experience. This can change the entire way you carry yourself and make you excited to get dressed up to go to work.

We Are a small business, who is trying to change a large industry, which can be very daunting. However, we believe that the need is very much out there and with enough support this can be bigger than we expected. We make everything in the United States and this seems a lot on environmental resources. In addition, the employees get paid livable wages for the time that they are putting into this project. We do not cut corners to bring the price down. We genuinely are trying to give you high-quality products at an affordable price.

This company is ran by women who have experienced having to go to work, and not feeling the best because of traditional uniforms. We truly understand the experience, and by the being connected to this project we truly can make the best of it. We also carry a lot of size She’s The Cook- Shirt is perfect for those evening night rushes where you don’t want to constantly be rolling up your sleeve. Hemmed perfectly to sit in the middle of your arm, so it can also prevent from getting stained. It’s a standard white color that fits any restaurant’s standards. Inclusive articles, so no matter what your body type is. There’s always going to be an option here for you. In addition, we are always open to making custom-tailored stuff if needed, but we do have a wide range of sizing.